Key Actions by:

Standard 4: Staffing for quality (technically sound, timely and effective) project management.

Plan for an adequate complement of CRS and partner staff for quality project management.

Key Action 1 Jointly determine an appropriate project staffing structure, position descriptions, and profiles needed at CRS and partner levels.

Proposal human resources lead; proposal coordinator; proposal decision maker; senior management team; country program human resources staff; proposal development team, including proposal coordinator and technical lead; IDEA staff; partner senior leadership; technical advisors; finance manager and/or head of operations.

  • Organize the initial discussion during capture planning (as possible, for competitive opportunities) or the project design workshop.
  • Refine plans as early as possible during post-design workshop planning and budgeting.
Key Action 2 Make a start-up staffing plan and budget.

Proposal decision maker; proposal human resources lead; country representative and senior management team; human resources manager; head of operations; finance manager; head of programming; proposal technical lead and coordinator; partner senior leadership; regional management team as needed

  • During project design.
  • Update the plan as needed in early start-up.
Key Action 3 Proactively recruit for "key personnel"/project leadership positions.

Hiring manager; proposal team human resources lead; country program human resources manager; headquarters talent acquisition specialist; proposal coordinator; country representative and/or another member of the senior management team as needed.

  • For competitive funding opportunities: Ideally during capture planning; initiate recruitment at latest within one week of the go decision.
  • For other proposals: As early as possible during the proposal development process.