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Compass: Your Guide to Achieving the CRS Project Management Standards

Projects are at the core of Catholic Relief Services’ mission to support vulnerable people around the world to meet their basic needs and positively transform their lives. The CRS project management standards support high-quality management of emergency and development projects across the agency.

The Compass website guides staff through the 18 project management standards, which are organized around four phases in the CRS project management cycle.

  • The design phase standards focus on design issues that have a significant impact on a project’s implementation...

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  • The start-up standards focus attention on this critical, and often challenging, phase of the project management cycle...

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  • The implementation phase standards focus on timely, evidence-based, cross-disciplinary management of project activities and resources...

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  • The close-out standards emphasize the importance of accountability and cross-disciplinary collaboration as projects come to an end...

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Within design, start-up, implementation, and close-out, the CRS standards focus on four categories of project management:

We live in a time that sets
high standards
for transparency with respect to governance and
accountability within the Church and its
development activities

Caritas Internationalis
Management Standards

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