Key Actions by:

Standard 4: Staffing for quality (technically sound, timely and effective) project management.

Plan for an adequate complement of CRS and partner staff for quality project management.

Proactively recruit for "key personnel"/project leadership positions.

  • Partnership
    • Accompany partners as needed in any recruitment required during the design phase (see also Standard 9, key action 4 for guidance on start-up phase recruitment).  
    • Consider organizing joint interview panels that include partners in CRS interviews, and vice versa. 
  • When CRS is a sub-recipient
    • If CRS and the prime have agreed to a key personnel or other project leadership position for CRS, follow the guidance above.
    • Key personnel positions often fall under the prime’s staffing structure; if this is the case, CRS’ recruitment may not be as strongly influenced by requirements from the overall project funder.
    • Even as a sub, it is still important for CRS to recruit at design phase for key project positions, following the steps above.
  • Emergency projects
    • Donor-mandated key personnel are not usually required for emergency relief projects, though appropriate project staffing is extremely important nevertheless.
    • Collaborate closely with the Humanitarian Response Department (HRD) to identify and recruit for project leadership positions. 
    • During recruitment discussions for emergency positions, make sure to clearly explain to candidates any special conditions and benefits (e.g., living situation, R&R, any special pay).