Key Actions by:

Standard 9: Proactive recruitment and onboarding for timely start-up.

Staff the project in time with the right people using recruitment and orientation best practices.

Key Action 1 Make sure there are staff in place for project start-up.

Head of programming; human resources manager; project manager/chief of party or acting project manager; deputy regional director for program quality and deputy regional director for management quality; head of operations; country representative

  • For competitive proposals with a high win probability, initiate planning for start-up staffing within two weeks of proposal submission, and finalize the plan upon receiving notification of the donor’s intent to fund the project.
  • For other competitive proposals, initiate planning as soon as there is an indication of a potential win.
Key Action 2 Ensure that project human resource plans and contract arrangements conform with local labor laws, industry best practices, CRS policies and current market analysis.

Human resources manager or officer; project manager/chief of party; headquarters human resources department

  • As part of the start-up recruitment processes.
  • For externally funded projects, begin the process (e.g., adapt contract templates) as soon as CRS receives notification of the donor’s intent to fund the project.
Key Action 3 Make sure all proposed project positions for CRS and partners have clear job descriptions.

Human resources manager or officer (for national staff) and headquarters talent acquisition specialist (for international staff); hiring manager; project manager/chief of party (for positions for which the project manager is not the hiring manager); country representative or delegated approver

  • Externally funded projects:
    • For proposals with a high win probability: Develop/finalize any JDs for staff not designated as key personnel or project leadership shortly after proposal submission.
    • For other proposals: Develop/finalize JDs as soon as there is an indication of a win.
  • Discretionary funded projects: Develop/finalize JDs during early start-up; allow enough time to ensure the project is fully staffed by its start date.
Key Action 4 Proactively recruit for positions based on the project needs and on CRS and industry best practices.

Hiring manager; human resources (HR) manager or officer (in country programs) or talent acquisition specialist in headquarters HR; head of programming; head of operations; country representative, and senior management team members as needed.

  • Proposals with a high win probability: Begin recruiting for remaining project positions within two weeks of submitting the proposal.
  • Other competitive proposals: As soon as there is an indication of a potential win.
  • Discretionary funded projects: In the early start-up period, so that qualified staff are in place in time for the official project start date.