Key Actions by:

Standard 15: Engaging donors appropriately throughout implementation.

Engage with donors throughout project implementation to ensure accountability and compliance and to strengthen donor relationships. 

Key Action 1 Ensure that regular program, finance and other operations compliance checks are conducted throughout the project lifespan.

Project manager or chief of party; project/country program risk and compliance staff (if part of project/country program staffing); finance manager; head of operations; head of programming; MEAL staff; supply chain management staff; other programming and operations staff (e.g. project officers); IDEA staff for centrally-funded projects; global and regional risk and compliance staff; partner leadership and project staff

  • Continually, as per the project detailed implementation plan and supply chain management plans as well as the sub-recipient financial management policy (SRFMP), CRS MEAL policies and procedures, project reporting cycles, and donor regulations as stipulated in the project agreement.
Key Action 4 Plan for and use donor visits and other communication activities to advance the CRS-donor relationship and influence donor perspectives on programming and operations issues.

Project manager or chief of party; country representative; head of programming; head of operations; technical advisors; IDEA staff; for project donor visits specifically, partner leadership and project staff (e.g., project officers) and operations staff (e.g. logistics and administration staff).

  • As per the project donor engagement plan
  • As appropriate at other times during implementation