Key Actions by:

Standard 2: Evidence-based, participatory design for project success.

Employ evidence-based, participatory processes to design a project that can deliver high-quality results on time, on scope and on budget.

Key Action 1 Determine the project scope and scale based on evidence and experience.

Proposal technical lead; Proposal development team including partners; technical advisors and proposal reviewers; proposal decision-maker; head of operations and/or procurement or supply chain manager; reviewers; regional business development staff and IDEA staff.

  • As early as possible in the design process, with adjustments as needed based on new or updated information.
    • The project design team outlines initial thinking about scope and scale at Project Alert/Go-No-Go stage, makes preliminary decisions on scope and scale at concept note (initial design) stage, and refines decisions during full proposal development.
Key Action 3 Build sufficient time into the project activities schedule for start-up, scale-up, and close-out.

Proposal technical lead; other proposal development team members including the proposal coordinator, budget and human resources leads, and any other operations leads (e.g., supply chain lead; ICT4D lead) and key partner staff; head of operations; procurement and supply chain manager; other subject-matter experts; IDEA staff (for funding opportunities with centrally-managed donors, as applicable).

  • During project activities schedule planning.