Key Actions by:

Standard 10: Laying the foundations for effective donor engagement and accountability.

Lay the foundations for successful donor engagement throughout the project.

Submit high-quality start-up deliverables to the donor on time.

  • Who

    • Primary responsible: Project manager/chief of party (PM/CoP)
      • The PM/CoP has primary responsibility for ensuring the quality of start-up deliverables.

    • Others involved: Project team, including program, operations, and senior management team (SMT), and IDEA staff as applicable; regional technical advisor for MEAL
      • Project team members from program, operations, and the SMT play a critical role in developing and reviewing start-up deliverables;
      • IDEA staff clarify award deliverable requirements, review, and submit the final deliverables for centrally managed awards;
      • The regional MEAL advisor reviews MEAL deliverables per CRS’ MEAL policies and procedures

    Project team member involvement varies depending on the required deliverables, but often includes the head of programming (HoP), head of operations (HoOps), finance manager (FM), any project MEAL staff, the country program MEAL coordinator, and procurement and supply chain management staff.

  • Partnership
    • CRS and partners work collaboratively to generate most start-up deliverables (e.g., DIPs, baseline terms of reference, other MEAL deliverables).
    • If additional partner inputs and/or feedback are needed on draft deliverables, CRS works with partners to develop a timeline for partner submission of inputs or feedback, and incorporates this under step 4 above. 
  • When CRS is a sub-recipient
    • Follow the same process, under the direction of the prime.
  • Emergency projects
    • Follow the same process for emergency projects.  Timeframes and templates may differ for emergency projects.