Key Actions by:

Standard 16: Accountable and timely project close-out.

Close out the project in a way that is responsive and accountable to participants, partners, host or local governments and donors.

Form a cross-discipline team to plan and implement project close-out activities.

  • Partnership
    • Support partners to define close-out staffing needs and required roles for timely and accountable project close-out at the level of their own organization. Keep in mind that some partners (particularly local partner organizations) may not have larger teams that support multiple projects and general operations, and thus may have more limited human resources to draw on outside of the project team. Partners also have different management structures for decision-making. Be sure that each partner’s project close-out team (and close-out plan) reflects their organizational structure and internal systems.
    • See Standard 16, key action 2 for guidance on working with partners to develop their own project close-out plans.
  • When CRS is a sub-recipient
    • Forming a project close-out team is a critical first step in accountable project close-out when CRS is a sub-recipient. Follow the process above, seeking guidance from the prime about the close-out process to better define CRS close-out staffing needs.
  • Emergency projects
    • Although emergency project implementation periods are often shorter and thus have more compressed project close-out timeframes, it’s still important to clearly define project close-out team staffing needs. This is true even in cases where an initial emergency response is followed by a recovery project which will be staffed by many members of the project team.
    • Keep in mind that for emergency projects/responses funded by multiple donors, project financial closure may be quite complex, especially if there were challenges with project financial set-up or initial project financial reporting (see Standard 8, key action 4, and Standard 13, key action 4, “Emergency projects” sections for additional consideration and guidance on this issue). Be sure to identify any additional support the close-out team may need to manage these issues.