Key Actions by:

Standard 2: Evidence-based, participatory design for project success.

Employ evidence-based, participatory processes to design a project that can deliver high-quality results on time, on scope and on budget.

Solicit feedback and guidance on the feasibility and consistency of technical design, staffing and management plans, supply chain plans, and budget.

  • Why

    Experienced subject matter expert reviewers can help identify aspects of project programming and operations plans (e.g. activities schedule, staffing plan, supply chain management plan) which seem unrealistic or otherwise unlikely to achieve the intended project impact. They can also provide insight on proven approaches and lessons learned from other projects or countries and valuable recommendations to strengthen project design. In addition to subject-matter expert feedback and guidance on technical programming and operations issues, given the many staff and moving pieces involved in developing a proposal, a review of the project proposal from the perspective of overall clarity and consistency can help the team identify gaps and strengthen alignment. Comprehensive, holistic review of the draft project design and proposal:

    • Helps prevent future project management problems resulting from inappropriate technical approaches and/or disconnects among project components.
    • Helps CRS design a coherent project that can realistically deliver meaningful benefits for the people we serve.  
    • Enhances CRS’ reputation for quality project design and sound project management.