Key Actions by:

Standard 1: Effective planning for quality project design.

Establish a robust proposal development team and a realistic timeline that follows standard CRS guidance for project design and ensures partner collaboration and support in the design process.

Form a qualified and experienced team to design the project and develop the proposal.

  • Why

    When programming and/or operations components of a project are not well designed and aligned, project management challenges are inevitable. One of the most important factors determining the quality of project design is the capacity and experience of the team designing the project.

  • Who

    • Primary responsible: Country representative (CR) or head of programming (HoP)
      • For external funding opportunities: The CR is responsible for forming a qualified and experienced team to lead the project design and proposal development.
      • For discretionary-funded projects: The HoP leads formation of a project design team.

    • Others involved: HoP; head of operations (HoOps); country program business development staff (as applicable); regional business development staff; deputy regional directors (DRDs)
      • For external funding opportunities:
        • The HoP and HoOps work with the CR to identify which staff from the country program can fill proposal team roles and where outside support is needed.
        • Regional business development staff and DRDs support the country program team, as needed, to identify other proposal team members.