Key Actions by:

Standard 14: Managing and developing human resources for quality project implementation.

Manage project human resources proactively through quality supervision, rigorous performance and development planning and assessment and timely action to address staffing needs. 

Support partners to strengthen human resource management and systems.

  • Who

    • Primary responsible: Project manager/chief of party (PM/CoP) and, as possible, a staff member with a background in human resources (HR)
      • The PM/CoP, with assistance as possible from a country program HR point person (identified during project start-up to support partners on HR issues – see Standard 9, key action 3), supports partner capacity building and institutional strengthening and oversees ongoing accompaniment throughout project implementation.

    • Others involved: CRS and partner human resource managers (HR managers)
      • The country program HR manager provides technical inputs;
      • The partner HR manager works closely with CRS throughout the process. 

  • When
    • Ongoing, based on identified needs in the partner capacity assessment using CRS’ Holistic Organizational Capacity Assessment Instrument (HOCAI)
  • Partnership
    • This action focuses exclusively on partners; see the “how” steps above.
  • When CRS is a sub-recipient
    • Follow the same process with any CRS sub-recipient partners.
  • Emergency projects
    • Pay special attention to supporting partners in staff-care efforts, especially if partner staff have been directly affected by the emergency. 
    • Follow the same process as above, keeping in mind that partners may not have budgets for staff care outside of any provision for staff care through project funding.