Key Actions by:

Standard 11: Evidence based, action-oriented project management.

Make collaborative, timely, and informed decisions to ensure that project activities deliver intended impact to participants within the approved time, scope, and budget.

Collect and analyze qualitative and quantitative monitoring data and community feedback relevant to project decision-making and learning needs.

  • Who

    • Primary responsible: Project MEAL coordinator (i.e. MEAL officer) and project manager (PM) or chief of party (CoP)
      • The project MEAL coordinator is responsible for developing and field-testing data collection tools, training data collectors, conducting data-quality checks, and analyzing the monitoring data and feedback received per the MEAL plan. The PM/CoP ensures the collection and analysis of monitoring data and community feedback per the roles and responsibilities outlined in the project MEAL plan and detailed implementation plan (DIP).

    • Others involved: Partner MEAL and programming staff; project sector leads; other CRS project team members (program and operations, especially any sector leads)
      • Partner staff often collect monitoring data, receive and respond to community feedback, participate in data quality checks and contribute to the analysis and interpretation of results;
      • Other CRS project team members, particularly any sector leads, participate in data collection and analysis.

  • When
    • Ongoing throughout project implementation:
      • Regular collection of monitoring data per MEAL plan and DIP
      • Regular checks on data quality
      • Light monitoring to check for early signs of progress and to see if assumptions are holding true
      • Ongoing monitoring of changes in context and project assumptions to improve project decision making and planning (MEAL good practice 2.C).
      • OngoingAt least monthly, as per MEAL plan. analysis of monitoring data and of feedback received
      • Regular (at least quarterly) in-depth data analysis as preparation for project review and planning meetings (see Standard 11, key action 4 for guidance on meetings).